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With NMC Naturefoam® : unite to fight against climate change

195 countries reached an agreement on a worldwide compulsory climate protection treaty in Paris on December 2015. Global warming is to be kept well below 2 degrees Celsius in order to counteract dangerous climate change. Everyone is called upon to redouble their efforts and to take action to minimise CO2 emissions.

NMC Naturefoam®:

the new reference in climate protection

As an internationally operative and leading company in the development and production of synthetic foams, NMC has developed a foam based on renewable raw materials. This innovation significantly improves the climate and energy balance of NMC products and contributes to the protection of the climate and resources. As a family-run company, NMC stands for quality and climate protection


NMC Naturefoam® is used in various applications:



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NMC Naturefoam® is used in various applications: