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Double contribution to climate protection thanks to NMC Naturefoam® within the sector of pipe insulation for technical equipment:

First environmental product declaration for CLIMAFLEX® from NMC Naturefoam® shows impressing results

The EPD for the CLIMAFLEX® range made of NMC Naturefoam® certified by the IBU [Institute for Construction and Environment] proves that the CO2 emission in the entire production process, from cradle to the factory gate, could be reduced to zero.

This is clearly better than initially estimated.


In the production of the previous CLIMAFLEX® formulation, these emissions amounted to 62,8 kg CO2 per m³ of foam, whereas in common rubber insulation they even come to between 200-220 kg per m³ of foam.

Top-class product properties

CLIMAFLEX® made of NMC Naturefoam® has the same technical properties as the proven CLIMAFLEX® with regard to:

  • insulation values
  • fire behaviour
  • simple processing by the tradesman
  • durability

CLIMAFLEX®: high-quality and flexible pipe insulation; insulation thicknesses 9 & 13 mm, fire protection class BLs1d0, insulation thicknesses 20 and 25 mm, Euroclass CLs1d0.


CLIMAFLEX® XT: the self-adhesive variant for simple processing; iInsulation thicknesses 9 & 13 mm, Euroclass BLs1d0, insulation thicknesses 20 and 25 mm, Euroclass CLs1d0.


CLIMAFLEX® STABIL: pipe insulation with a robust protective coating, likewise on the basis of NMC Naturefoam® polyethylene; wall thicknesses 4, 9, 13, 20 & 25 mm, Euroclass E

EXZENTROFLEX® COMPACT: excentric insulation with a robust protective coating for the lowest installation height and even tighter pipe laying; insulating thicknesses 9, 25, 38 & 46 mm, Euroclass E


Energy- efficiency of buildings is a major topic


The greatest contributions towards the energy efficiency of buildings are made by:

  • modern technical systems
  • correct insulation


The German Energy Saving Regulations (EnEV) 2016 demand:

  • New and old buildings must meet high standards. The EnEV 2016 prescribes the legally binding, compulsory insulation of heat distribution/hot water pipes, cooling distribution/ cold water pipes and fittings. If the insulation is insufficient or if there is none, the building owner risks not only high losses of energy, but also a fine.

Sustainable construction:

optimisation of all adjusting screws

Energy-efficient and climate-friendly construction means:

  • State-of-the-art heating and hot water technologies as well as ventilation
  • Renewable energies such as solar energy or heat pumps as replacements for fossil fuels
  • Optimum insulation of pipes for the reduction of heat or cooling losses

Consistent ecological construction also means:

the use of materials that,

  • cause fewer greenhouse gases,
  • contain a high proportion of renewable raw materials and
  • are manufactured by means of an environmentally friendly production process.


CLIMAFLEX® made of NMC Naturefoam® meets these requirements.

Sustainable construction more and more important for the consumer

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