DIY insulation

Double is better

By using NMC Naturefoam® to make our CLIMATUBE® zip and CLIMATUBE® easy PE pipe insulation, we reduce CO2 emissions drastically throughout the entire manufacturing process, from start to the factory gate.

By insulating your pipe system with our products, you make an important contribution to environmental protection by saving fuel.

In this way, you too can reduce CO2 emissions, save money and at the same do your bit in the fight against global warming!



Our future can only be successfully shaped by acting responsibly now!

  • Sugar cane grows and processes more CO2 during its growth than it emits in the production of pipe insulation. In addition, we conserve finite resources such as oil, which must be promoted with ever greater effort in the future.

Sustainable building: RENOVATION


Energy-efficient and climate-friendly construction means:
  • State-of-the-art heating and water heating technologies as well as ventilation.
  • Renewable energies such as solar energy or heat pumps as a substitute for fossil fuels.
  • Optimal insulation of cables and pipes to reduce heat or cold losses.