Technical insulation

Pipe insulation and energy efficiency

Make a double contribution to climate protection in technical pipe insulation with NMC Naturefoam®, CLIMAFLEX® and EXZENTROFLEX® COMPACT:



Environmental product declarations show impressive results

  • The environmental product declarations certified by the IBU (Institut für Bauen und Umwelt) for our NMC Naturefoam® product ranges prove that CO2 emissions could be reduced to zero during the entire manufacturing process.

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  • Producing the previous CLIMAFLEX® formulation emitted 62.8 kg CO2 per m3 of foam, while common rubber insulation emissions hover around 200-220 kg CO2 per m3 of foam.

Sustainable construction:


Energy-efficient and climate-friendly construction means:
  • State-of-the-art heating and water heating technologies as well as ventilation.
  • Renewable energies such as solar energy or heat pumps as a substitute for fossil fuels.
  • Optimal insulation of cables and pipes to reduce heat or cold losses.
Consistent ecological construction and renovation means:

Using materials which

    • cause little greenhouse gases,
    • have a high proportion of renewable raw materials,
    • are produced in an environmentally friendly production process.

Rohrisolierungen aus NMC Naturefoam® erfüllen diese Ansprüche.


NMC Naturefoam® is the right choice for your construction project!

CLIMAFLEX® from NMC Naturefoam® makes the difference:

    • All relevant declarations for building certifications are available.
    • The composition of renewable raw materials and recycled material protects all resources.
    • Throughout the manufacturing process, CO2 emissions are avoided.
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