Renewable raw materials

The renewable raw material for NMC Naturefoam® is sugar cane

NMC Naturefoam® is predominantly manufactured from polyethylene on the basis of sugar cane

Sugar cane grows again every year, absorbing CO2 in the process and saving finite resources such as crude oil, which will require more and more effort to extract in future.





The organic polyethylene used by NMC is based on sugar cane from Brazil. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugar cane and the second-largest manufacturer of ethanol after the USA. The sugar cane plantations are mainly irrigated by natural rainwater. 90% of the sugar cane plantations lie in the central south of the country, 2,500 km away from the Amazonian rain forests, and are cultivated there with social responsibility.

Brazil has 330 million hectares of cropland. Only 1.4% of this area is used to produce ethanol from sugar cane. The use of the agricultural areas is checked and monitored by the legislator. It goes without saying that NMC only works with responsible suppliers.